For yer 'merican cousins that's US$20,644.772 per hour.

🎶 It's nice work if you can get it

And you can get it if you try. . .

Such much prostitution

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Outrageous as Liz is, she is definitely small potatos (or as Dan Quail would say, smell potatoes) compared to Hillary Clinton who, in a singular display of her political acumen and otherwise general brilliance, did a "private" speaking tour of Wall Street investment banks in the run up to the 2016 presidential election at $200,000 a pop. Sorry, Brits, but you've been outdone. Nobody bests us Amerikuns when it comes to greed&avarice

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Life imitating parody. Laura, as good as you are at this, even you would not have made this up. The sickest part of it all is not Luz and Boris, it’s sick bastards who pay them to do this even though they now have very limited political pull.

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Those who pay up: throwing money at bad deals.

Let them haemorrhage then exsanguinate in record time.

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Jul 15, 2023Liked by Laura K

Love the journalism - and humor, too!

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Jul 15, 2023Liked by Laura K

spot on take on these corrupted pfcks

running amokfoul

a riotous moment amidst the over the head weedsdread

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Here's the really shocking thing... it's all true...!😱

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When I first started reading this I thought, oh, they reverse the use of commas and periods like most of continental Europe. I thought the British were almost as civilized as we are in God’s country (hopefully you know I’m kidding). But I did do a double take.

Even though I didn’t watch a moment of the recent coronation--because I do not give a shit about royals--I was slightly amazed, but only slightly--by how much money was inherited.

I’ve seen the abuses of wealth in my country, Britain, Moscow, Beijing and many other places and am always amazed that the poor and middle class--What is left of it--seems to worship these people as being superior intelligence.

Having worked with a lot of wealthy I can assure this isn’t true. In fact, most of the wealthy are rather mediocre in intelligence but they are very knowledgeable about hiring the right people and donating--bribery--to the right politicians and Supreme Court justices to not only protect their wealth but enhance it.

Nevertheless, they are idolized by the non cognoscenti of the lower and middle classes.

Studying ancient history, this appears to have always been the case from Sumeria to the present in all civilizations (being civilized means being well trained and obedient). Throw in a little religion from Inanna and Osiris to Jesus and everyone in between (the blood sucking ticks who protect the kings as long as they get their share) and everyone is happy bleeding the poor.

Oh well, at least the poor can look forward to a glorious afterlife listening to harp music all day.

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Jul 15, 2023Liked by Laura K

Flippin fantastic!

That’s you Laura. Not the elite nest feathering gruesome twosome Liz&Boris holy show. 👏✍️

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Hi Laura,

In this candy-striped world of audio-visual fruits-flavors and flatulence, your pen in is criminally under-paid.

In another era and cousin-country, I can imagine you as a top staff-writer of the Weekly News Roundup for Saturday Night Live, in its prime.

Hmm ... though in this era, more of a habit than a profitable investment ... thinking, thinking, thinking ...

Pheww. Enought of that. 5 seconds of serious thinking is 5 seconds too much.

Conclusion: Britain's Got Talent

Problem: Said talent paid with coffee, smiles, and/or supportive snark.

Solution: A bit of inspiration from similar talent in another cousin-country, like this,



1 — Either attempt a Renaissance-Woman, do-it-all-yourself project, or

2 — if thejuicemedia is able and willing to collaborate with a non-Anglo country, like this,


get in touch with them, as of yesterday, for a Winnie-ing in the poo, win-win for all

3 — Gather similarly-minded cameramen, lighting crew, prop designers, actors (if necessary),

etc. (hint: Britain's Got Talent)

4 — As with the above examples, think of substack as one of many platforms

Would gladly buy you another coffee for the bloody sweat and tears of laughter, but prime minister Kishida over here in Japan, has a huuuuge thirst for another cup of green tea.

Ack. Tastes like something dug out of the football pitch.

Cheers Laura.

May you live long and prosper.

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Jul 15, 2023·edited Jul 15, 2023

OMFG #TrussWanker should be in prison, right along with #BorisWanker and #CameronWanker. It's astonishing for these three who have actually murdered people with their lies and their "policies" to be allowed freedom of any kind at all

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OMG Liz, my wife came into the room and I was laughing and snorting like crazy. Dare I send this to my friends in the UK? Next time don’t hold back so much, tell it like it really is! 🤣🤣

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Send it - most of us see right through this shower, but it’s not like we have a voting system that reflects that 🤦‍♀️ and we never voted for Truss (or Sunak) as PM! Your friends will get the satire/cynicism with no difficulties (unless they’re rabid Tories)

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Grifters, every last one of them. I really love getting "fund raising" emails from wealthy Democrats begging me for money, when I can't even afford fucking food. I say we eat the bastards.

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That’s one thing we are spared here in UK. They are literally not allowed to do that! You can donate to parties, but they can’t solicit for donations, and there are limits on the amount of money that can be donated, and spent in elections. You will often get leaflets through the door around election times, that might include a very small ‘can we count on you?’ sort of section, asking for help (along the lines or displaying a poster in the window, or leafleting a road, or joining a party) but that’s about it, unless you choose to seek the political party out.

You can join a party, but no one has to, and no one has to ‘register’ party affiliation either - I will often vote for Lib Dems in local council elections, but Labour for my MP - it’s really no one’s business but mine who I vote for!

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I certainly wish that was the case here. The next one I get, I'm going to tell them I'm broke and in need of funding 🤷‍♀️🤣

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Gotta be worth a try 😉

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Huzzah for Liz and BoJo!

Their talentless knows no bounds!

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Their talents know no starts!

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Another killer essay!

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I like your style. Thanks for sharing.

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And to think a subscriber recently said I was sharp to wit with ironies -

- I'm merely nursery noob!

Where we used to give these poverty folks enough rope,

let's now inexorably mullah-gorge these geese for foie-gras!

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