You had me at "massive leftie knob-head" who "likes eating tofu" but the "sandals with white socks on" was the icing on the cake 🤣😂😅

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This sounds similar to the GOP infighting in the House here in the US. Elect clowns and get a circus😕


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Oh, an elected official is a piece of bull dung? Who knew?

(Yes! That is extreme sarcasm you're detecting.)

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Nov 10, 2023·edited Nov 10, 2023

The funny here if you don't know is that INDIA under GHANDI hated the nazi-jews and loved the Palestine people

But in the last few decades the UK/ZOG with CHINA&SAUDI money created 100's of BILLIONAIRES in INDIA who now are ZOG beholden who say 'FUCK YOU" to India's peasants who still love GHANDI & PALESTINE

SUNAK represents the worst of the satanic ZOG billionares created by LONDON (SUNAK&ADANI are siamese twins)


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Nov 10, 2023·edited Nov 10, 2023

FACT in 1933 HITLER sent 60,000 of his MOST Loyal NAZI-JEWS to Palestine, they founded the 1948 GOV

Hitler even allowed them to take all their wealth, gold and weapons to Palestine; All 60k in 1933 begat their PURGE of Palestine and terrorized until 1948, THEN is when UN legitimized genocide of Palestine, today 95% is gone, and just sliver of Palestine remains;


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Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, it was widely unknown that probably a few thousand full, and tens of thousands of half- and quarter-Jews, as classified by the Nazis, served in the German Armed Forces during World War II. After examining assimilation records, birth rates, and mixed-marriage rates with mathematicians and statisticians, this study estimates that 60,000 were sent to Palestine in 1933 as an advance Team to "NAZI-FY" Palestine

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They will say I fib, but I say know your JEW-SHIT, and KNOW your ZOG history

The 1933 NAZI Haavara Agreement

The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. It was a major factor in making possible the migration of approximately 60,000 German Nazi "FAUX" ashkeNAZI Jews

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Some people, lots of people Palestine, Jews, & Nazis became billionaires,thats all you need to know about Isra-hell

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The good news is the BIllionaire Palestinian class bailed to London decades ago.

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I have to laugh at you Westerners being consumed by the need to virtue-signal, on command.

Anyone who cannot see through this media sponsored, faux-outrage at Israel, in an understandable reaction to the Hamas/ISIS planned horror show on October 7th, is a facile fool.

This atrocity was planned, rehearsed endlessly, and executed, with the full knowledge that Israel had to eradicate the Gaza terrorist infrastrucure.

Without the Palestinian support and infrastructure, the £6.5 billion, given to them by the UN, could never have achieved this atrocity, and the purchase of 1800 Rockets and missiles.

This was a calculated act of war, and every country in the world would react similarly.

Palestinians in Gaza, are killing and torturing their own citizens, with gay-abandon, as they have been taught.

Trying to put a Western gloss of anthropomorohised moral judgement on a Middle-East moral code, will ensure that Palestinians will be excused their innate atrocious morality, from a Western judgemental viewpoint.

Suella Braverman is correct!

She is naming and shaming Pro-Palestinians, indoctrinated, hate-merchants.

They march not for justice. They knew full well what their appointed terrorist leaders would do, and also the exact consequences.

Yes, war is madness and evil. That is why no one should ever start one.....and it wasn’t the Israelis.

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OK have you any proof of what you're stating? If you show me the proof I'll agree with you. But I have seen proof with my own eyes of Israel is doing to Palestinians (mainly women & children) & there's no excuse for it. For you to state Israel didn't start this, I'd love to see your own reaction to living in the situation Israel imposes on Palestinians in Gaza. After all it isn't Palestinians who restrict themselves to being held in Gaza with limited food & water. To say Israel didn't start this shows your true lack of knowledge of the situation. The Israeli leader is hated by the vast majority of Israeli's, why is that fact the case?

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The ‘proof’ is in your eyeballs.

The blockage is in your brain.

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Yadda Yadda.....Ministry of Malinfirmation, are you?

Courtesy of the elected Hamas Terrorist Government of Palestine. Fourteen years elected.........

Three years planning and rehearsing with money from the West.

An Atrocity without measure, since the Holocaust!

You moron........

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That'll be why the International court has came to its decision then isn't it? Why do you feel the need to insult me forgiving my opinion? I didn't personally insult you did I? Is it a case of agree with your opinion or you're a moron? If so I can live with that. I suppose the vast majority of the world are morons & the what the IDF are doing is right in your opinion. I find that pretty ridiculous when the excuse used every time is the Holocaust. How many died again, it was 6 million apparently, disputed but I won't go there my grand father's both fought the Nazi's. What I will say is the Red Army suffered 27 million deaths at least 16 million civilians. 20 million of those deaths were Russians. I've never ever heard the Russians upcast or use that as an excuse to commit genocide themselves. They're probablies morons also. In your world that is. I'll say the same thing I always say. I have nothing against any Jews but Zionism is a different animal. 2 wrongs don't make a right.

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"Their appointed terrorist leaders"

A real Jon Snow (the GoT version) comment; 'you truly know nothing'.

Supposing a biker gang pop over to your gaff with guns, stick one up your nose and tell you that you and your family are their hostage, is that them being 'appointed' YOUR leader?

Even better if the police station decides to ignore the whole thing, and goes as far as ensuring the milk and. groceries continue to arrive.


No, you wouldn't like it? Thought not. Then acquaint yourself with how Hamas took over Gaza in 2007; they seized it from Fatah, shot several of their leaders and made a high-rise defenestration show of several of the rest 'a la russe'.

They then ran an impromptu street execution program for those who looked sideways at them, said anything foolish, wore the wrong stuff or professed the wrong variety of religion. They've been at this, running a wave of terror, for 17 years under the approving noses of a variety of BiBi Netanyahu-controlled governments.

Why; because as long as Palestinian areas have 2 governments (Fatah on the West Bank, Hamas in Gaza) he can argue there's no point in a separate Palestinian state, thereby screwing over the Oslo Accords (designed to bring lasting peace) that he so hates. To encourage the continuation of this state of affairs he has aided and abetted Hamas, it's power and it's control; sure that no matter what schemes they came up with to attack Israel he could contain them.

Except, like Siegfried and Roy, he's discovered messing with tigers can be dangerous, they never change their stripes and come back to bite you harder, in their case a lot harder.

So the 'bikers' did a Precinct-13 on the figurative 'police station' that had allowed your home to be seized.

And as a consequence the cops have a seizure; bulldoze your house, shoot a lot of your kids and a couple of bikers and you think declaring your family as enablers & abettors of the bikers is the way to go.

Look and different when YOU are the victim of BiBi's state policy?

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I like your prose. Hamas PR Dept. will be proud.

My initail thoughts…

As us Picts taught the Romans, during a four hundred year, victorius war….never sleep at night, even after a ‘bevvy’….

Don’t get frustrated now folks…Arafat is doing his best to kill as many Jews and Westerners, as possible……

You really want to invite those ISIS psychopaths in as your ‘tiger by the tail’ leaders?

And yes, the Palestinians did, aided and abetted by their handlers in that cesspool of a UN.

And only last week, a poll of Palestinians, without guns to their heads, voted almost unanimously, (ninety per cent), that October 7th, was a good thing.

Thank you Mr Hamas!

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The Honourable Mister Rishi was never up for the job before he got it, has not learned much since, and probably will not learn much in the future. He is what he is and he is not very good at anything else.

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Pure gold!🤣🤣🤣

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Perfect encapsulation, LK.

Braverman is a cheap, political clown, yet a dangerous demagogue.

Things are falling apart:

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity."

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Laura, you are brilliant x

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So eloquently put! I reckon you wrote for "not the nine o'clock news" ! How you turn tragedy into humour and make a despicable person that's so hateful into something that I'm sure she will find unamusing ! Brilliant! Genuis , I think I have found a Soulmate👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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I can't recall a person like this being consumed by hatred

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You obviously never met a LIKUD party member, why not google "ZARKO" and see how him&nutty-yahoo daily call for the murder of 6MIL jews again, but now even moreso

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we know by now.. that Suella is an Israeli so what is she doing in British politics

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Same as Mr Cleverly, Home Secretary….

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Lest we forget while we forget? We don’t get much UK news here in Australia so it’s lucky I have this great source 😊. Scared for you guys, us, everyone

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Of the six campaign groups which are organising the Pro-Palestinian march today, four are suspect in some way. Leaders in four of them - the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), the Friends of al-Aqsa, the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and the Palestinian Forum for Britain (PFB) — have had apparent ties with Hamas or have expressed sympathy for its views.

Hamas was proscribed as a terrorist group in its entirety in November 2021. Under the Terrorism Act, supporting it carries a maximum of 14 years in prison. I also believe that the vast majority of the Muslims, Jews and ordinary Brits are marching out of sympathy for the plight of Palestinians out of sympathy and compassion, and in no way support the evil and ḥarām actions of Hamas in specifically targeting innocent women and children. Ironically, Middle Eastern terrorism draws more heavily from socialist atheism and French existentialism than it does Islam. When Frantz Fanon invented modern Middle Eastern terrorism he did so with the aim of setting up socialist atheist republics throughout the post-colonial world. He sought to cynically use Islam because he believed that depth of faith in Islam was the only thing which could defeat the material abundance created by American post-war Capitalism. He later planned to discard Islam, once it had served its purpose. A more Islamic form of asymmetric warfare would likely target the rich, the powerful and the politically empowered in Israel and the West, not innocents.

It's also worth noting that some Muslims are completely misinformed about the reasons surrounding the military executions at Khaybar. The Jews killed in this instance were not killed because they refused to accept the the Prophet, but because they refused to pay the 50% of their harvest they had previously agreed as part of their terms of surrender. It should be noted that the terms of this surrender were incredibly generous and enlightened for a time when conquest would have normally meant wholesale slaughter, the seizure of all property and forced enslavement. In a pragmatic and humanitarian sense, Muhammed acted justly in accordance with the moral constraints- to not severely punish the infraction of this unusually just and merciful agreement would have caused more death and suffering down the road, as rebellions against conquests became rife and commonplace.

Jews fall into the same category as Christians as 'Children of the Book' and are to be treated as being in receipt of received divine wisdom Surah 3-4. Many Muslims would argue that Christianity had become corrupted. They would only be partially right. It was more the practice of Christianity which had become corrupted, not the written sources themselves (although there were many deliberate mistranslations from the original source to Greek and then Latin, generally aimed at reducing the alarm aristocratic potential converts would have felt at the radical and revolutionary concepts laid out in the gospels). Many of these minor corruptions were later addressed by William Tyndale as he translated the Bible into English- he drew extensively on the original source material- furious that the Catholic Church had falsely asserted the man and God might require an intermediary.

Of course, he didn't reverse all of the minor corruptions. The original text plainly stated that it is the poor that will inherit the Earth, not the meek. There were other issues. The Book of Thomas should have been included by Constantine. The other issue is that it was never intended that the Gospel be severed from the Torah. Thankfully, Islam didn't make the same mistake. Many of the earliest and wisest section of the Hadith draw heavily from the Torah, though not necessarily explicitly.

Probably the worst sin of modern Christians is that they don't practice the ministry to the poor which was the chief worldly aim of Jesus as much as they should- although they do outperform the secular in both time and charitable donations- by around 7% for both, on average. Oh, and Muslims are definitely right about usury. Their banking and financial practices are definitely more ethical and stable over time. We wouldn't have a housing crisis without usury. Mortgage lending inflates the value of building land an order of magnitude higher than it should be.

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This is becoming like the Spaceman 3 thing

Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to.

A parody of the state broadcaster that starts to sound like itself.

Or something.

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The real question is whether you have a three year old who has a tantrum about pushing the button at traffic crossings... because only a mother of a three year old or former three year old would have that image come to mind in that particular context.

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