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I have to say , you have turned the satire amplifier up to 11, and even Lemmy would be cowering behind the drum kit in fear of your machine gun volleys of Kafka-esque truth.

Stop the genocide. Free Palestine.

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Imho, it's not satire, if it's the truth... as Kafkaesque it might be.

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Wow, another brilliant take here, on the Biden complicity with the horrid situation in Gaza, while our press and politicos continue to whistle Dixie

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Thank you for making me smile, giggle and sometimes even laugh out loud every now and then. I don't know how I would be able to cope with all the bad news every day without it.

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exactly...seeking peace talks is so much easier when everyone is dead and it's also cheaper to feed the dead...this horse shit and nonsensical rhetoric that spews from these mindless psychopaths for them is just another day at the office...

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Send in the French Army troops to mop up the corpses and remaining walking dead, Joe and Rishi. Let's finish this cleansing you sociopathic Zionist arabophobes.

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There is a lot of truth in the underlying sarcasm. Joe Biden does have a credibility problem but there aren't enough Arabic immigrants to make that big of a dent in the electorate. But, they are worried and maybe that will be enough to motivate them to do something right for a change. Biden can turn this around if he would just get off his arse and do something bold to show support for the Palestinians. Like cutting off military aid to the Israelis? Forcing Israel to let in the aid trucks? He has time before November but time is starting to run short. If the U.S. wants to be the big dog in this hunt, they need to get off the front porch and do something, anything to show support for the Palestinians. Otherwise, get out of the way. We all know Trump won't support the Palestinians if he gets elected again. He doesn't like brown skinned Muslims from 'Shit hole' countries.

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No chance Biden et all will cast Israel aside

Search his lifetime You Tubes.

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Sad but true and that could spell the death of the United States as we know it. Since that may be what it takes for the Americans to vote Trump back in.

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Biden got quite a scare when so many in Michigan voted "uncommitted." He (or his "team") has now figured out that these people will NOT support him unconditionally. In 2020, Biden narrowly won the White House by capturing MIchigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania by tiny margins. If we take away all the disgruntled Arab- and Muslim-American voters this time around, and he loses all three. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the result will be a Trump dictatorship, which will be far worse for everyone (Arabs and Muslims included).

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Far worse? Please enlighten us on how exactly you think it will be “far worse“. And please note that I am neither defending Trump nor implying his administration would be better.

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Trump & Co. are even more steeply in bed with Netanyahu and the other Zionists. Arab-American and Muslim-American voters who don't vote for one criminal (i.e., Biden) will hand the election to Trump. Moreover, Trump will (a) declare war on the environment ("drill, Baby, drill"); (b) appoint another 400 or so judges, destroying any residual hint of "justice" in this country; (c) reshape the so-called "Constitution" to meet his own ends (backed up by Slimy Sam, Long Dong Silver, and the Three Stooges); (d) convert the USA to a dictatorship, making Putin look bland by comparison; (e) have more tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy; (f) increase the deficit (well, EVERY president watches that happen, but his deficits will be bigger); (g) turn public lands over to the private sector (e.g., "privatize" the Grand Canyon); (g) slash funding for education; (h) abolish the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obama-care")...

You may not be defending Trump and Trumpism, but your question reflects a naivety about the man and what his narcissism, messianic complex, and paranoid delusions actually mean. Biden is horrendous; Trump is infinitely worse.

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Good summary, Lenny.

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Thank you, Lisa.

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So called Constitution?

Either you’re poorly educated or lying

Study sir!

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Someone who supports the "affordable health care" bondongle would think Trump was worse than a pedophile, but your first sentences was accurate.

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You’re nuts!

Hasidic Jews hate Zionism and like Trump

Your ideology is showing nakedly

Anti American autocrat!

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Trump would crack down on pretty much all human rights nationwide and he’s a climate change denier.

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Nonsense! Who destroyed the First Amend sir?

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No one destroyed the first amendment. It's doing fine.

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So are we assuming that Trump is better than Biden?

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Only the crazy MAGATs.

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How many recent mainstream media hoaxes did you still believe are true?

- Russia Collusion

- Trump called neo-nazis “fine people”

- Jussie Smollett

- Bubba Wallace garage pull

- Covington Kids

- Governor Witmer kidnapping plot

- Kavanaugh rape

- Trump pee tape

- COVID lab leak was a conspiracy theory

- Border Agents whipped migrants

- Trump saved nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago

- Steele Dossier

- Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan

- Trump said drinking bleach would fight COVID

- Muslim travel ban

- Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation

- Andrew Cuomo best COVID leadership

- Trump built cages for migrant kids

- Austere religious scholar

- Trump overfed Koi fish in Japan

- Build Back Better will pay for itself

- Trump tax cuts benefited only the rich

- Cloth masks prevent COVID

- SUV killed parade marchers

- Trump used tear gas to clear a crowd for a bible photo op

- Don’t Say Gay was in a bill

- Putin price hike

- Ivermectin is a horse dewormer and not for humans

- Mostly peaceful protests

- Trump overpowered secret service for wheel of “The Beast”

- January 6 was an insurrection

- BYU students hurled racist remarks at a Duke volleyball player

- Trump mocked a reporters disability

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You still believe the mainstream hoax that 'covid'; a distinct new set of common symptoms caused by a new deadly contagion happened and that the deaths were not murder by midazolam Matt?!

There. Is. No. Covid. https://jowaller.substack.com/p/there-is-no-covid

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I'm gonna have to make a note somewhere to pass by your notes every time I see them because that's insane. There is no Covid, really? Tell that to the million people who died from it.

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Pass by by all means. But how do you know the cause of death in every 'case'? What is a case of 'covid'? How was the test for 'it' developed? How was 'it' purified in the first place from the patient's lung washing sample in the original Fan Wu paper (it wasn't- they just put all the fragments they found together in a computer and chose the 'genome' they liked best out of a million-then declared it to the cause of the patient's symptoms)? How was it established that the cause of the patient's symptoms was contagious (it wasn't)?

I cannot tell this to the million people who died (of midzalom, deliberate dehydration, forced ventilation, lonliness or any other cause but with a positive PCR (not a 'test' just an amplification technique) for obvious reasons. Nor can i tell the millions of those living hand to mouth in India who died of starvation during lockdown.

But not answering these questions and waiting for this to happen again is insane.

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It was 7 million

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Yes I can say numbers from the internet too. Where is your evidence that the set of wide ranging, constantly added to, common symptoms represented a distinct new disease and that the new distinct disease was caused by a new contagion? And that 7 million died directly from it? Drosten's PCR was never validated against a physical entity. It amplifies sequences (never shown to be part of an entity (nor that the putative entity causes symptoms of ill health)) download from the net.

The sequences could just as well be only associated with symptoms (not causative) in the way that firemen are associated with hanging around fires.

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Murder by Ventilator, Midazolam, Opiods, Remdesivir, DNRs...did I leave anything


In case people are not aware: the vxx is the bio'weapon and it is LOADED with Graphene Oxide.

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You and @Jo Waller are both fucking insane.

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If insanity equals questioning what we're told, reading the original papers and methodologies and disagreeing with the interpretation (ie doing science) then so be it.

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I would add 'end of life care' which involves deliberate dehydration as well as loneliness to the causes of death. What happened during that time with people not allowed to see their loved ones is not talked about enough in the enquires.

I don't buy into the bioweapon death vax; the death rate has returned to the downward trend it was on after the all times lows leading up to 2019 which was followed by increases in 2020/2021 which took deaths back to the level of 2008 in the UK and 2000 in the US. Still very long lived and the population is still increasing.

Conspiracies seem to be like Pringles, you can't just have one at a time.

People agree with me in acknowledging the capture of government regulation and the WHO by Bill Gates' money, vaccine producers (Google is heavily invested in them) and in accepting that disease mongering Big Pharma (whose model is to keep us fat, sick and on drugs) are convicted fraudsters and organised crime and that 'covid' (I hope) represented the pinnacle of this corruption.

However, these people also seem to buy into at least one of; flat earth or more worrying -climate crisis denial and left wing WEF elites forcing us to be vegan or eat ze bugs, or live in 15 minute cities which has been put about by industry on social media to make people support the fossil fuel and animal ag industries in poisoning the earth and to think that right wing GB news and Nigel Farage are in fact anti-establishment heros!!!

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Believe what you like.

The global excess deaths stats; evidence from embalmers and undertakers; and the microscopic examination of vials and blood speak for themselves.

I am not in the US but your expected lifespan has dropped.

We call EOLC, the Liverpool Care Pathway.

It inevitably ends in Nil-by-mouth.

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It is not called LCP anymore but you're right it's the same thing.

There will inevitably be 'excess' or extra deaths in an ageing and increasing population if you compare that year to the lowest year ever of 2019- whatever the public health measures! One must look at the age and population adjusted death rate. https://jowaller.substack.com/p/excess-mortality-what-does-it-show

Longevity may have fallen slightly (there has been a major event lockdowning half the world and increasing obesity even more etc) but is still high.

Agreed there is all sorts of shit in vaccines, don't have them, any of them.

Thank you, I will.

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ER, Jo, Linda and Greg drank the poisonous trump kool-aid.

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hee hee if that means thinking for yourself i guess i drank it though i've never been to the States x

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You think all of these are fake???

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You believe all those are real?

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Not *all* of them.

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It was an IQ test after all...

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Trump dictatorship?

You actually have no reason to say that,


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Feeding 1.75% leaves 98.25% unfed.

Don't worry, Laura, no one is great at verbal and math skills at the same time!

You just keep writing!

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The 10% difference died whilst she was writing that sentence. Do please keep up.

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Whoops— you're so far ahead of me.

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Is Biden feeding the starving people in Gaza, so that there are still people for the IDF to shoot?

Anything short of a CEASEFIRE is GENOCIDE

Which bit of that do you not understand Genocide Joe?

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And what do American power elite not get?

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'Hobo JOE' Biden is not against genocide; he is keen for getting re-elected to save 'democracy' by 'finishing the job': controlled disintegration of the world economy as predicted by the Eastern Establishment liberals in their Council on Foreign Relations handbook called: Project 80s.

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Mar 3·edited Mar 3

The silliness of the Biden groupies....

Do they actually think he is in charge,even after he was deemed unfit to testify ?

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What are you talking about when you say Biden was deemed unfit to testify?

Did you read the report or just the biased headlines ? You're getting your information from bad sources, they are lying to you and you sound like a crazy fool.

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Oh, buy the way,since perverts stick together,wat kind of pervey are you?

Do you sleep with dogs,or what?

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Did you not read the news? Oh Biden groupies never do.

I usually don't expend my time on left and right nonsense.

But in this case I will

Sine you clearly want a pervert that shits his pants in office, you can have him. And take all his perverts in his staff and go to hell.

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You wicked person, Laura. Don’t you know the IDF is the most moral army in the world and would never kill civilians, unless they are Palestinian of course and that’s because we know they are all members of Hamas.

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All of this is so grotesque, you amaze me with your ability to ridicule and create humour. Yours is activism that crumbles the foundations of what they believe is on the moral high ground, but really is a pile of excrement of their own making. Thank You

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The justice for Palestinians is that Biden's bloodlust for dead brown people will most likely bring about the end of this country.

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Yeah, sure, Zyclon Blinken and Nuclear Nuland have pulled up stakes on their Wailing Wall White House kibbutzim.

Joe 'I got Jewish grandkids ' Biden has zero regrets.


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“ left Joe Biden with no choice but to airdrop food parcels into Gaza”.

You wrote wrong, should be;

“left Joe Biden with no choice but to airdrop food parcels onto Gazans”.

Here something of the series “if you can survive my typos”



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If I wasn't laughing I would be crying right now 😭

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